In the 24/7 media cycle it seems as if the negatives are constantly reinforced.

This page is dedicated to those who still have hope in today’s society and believe that as a country our best days still are ahead of us.

These are the voices of the village from all across America and beyond who have positive testimonies of how they have been able to successfully use principles of fiscal responsibility in their lives AND have been giving back to their community. They have in many ways, large and small, exemplified the standard set by “Living in the Village”. So read below and leave a testimony describing some of the principles in the book you have been using and how you have been making this world a better place.


Kimberly Collins-Tripp ~ Houston, Texas

Rod & Dee Gaymon~ Edmond, Oklahoma

Na Tasha M. Arnold ~ Boston, Massachusetts

Stephanie Coleman ~ Chicago, Illinois

Ann Alexander ~Detroit, Michigan

Darlene Aiken, President/CEO Inner Beauty Solutions, Inc. (r) ~ New York City, New York

Terryl E. De Mondoca ~ St. Albans, NY

Kimball Brown ~ Staten Island, NY

Ashanti Maya Alvarez ~ New Brunswick, New Jersey

Trennetta Carter ~ Texas

Martine Cadet ~ New Rochelle, NY

Martin Jones ~ Greenville, SC

Andrew Bruskin ~ Long Island, NY

Brian Woods ~ Austin, TX

Maxwell Penn ~ New York City, NY

Lisa B. ~ Brandon, FL

LaNorris Alexander ~ Detroit, MI

Dorethia Conner ~ Detroit, Michigan

Adrian J. Walker ~ Farmington Hills, MI

April Williams ~ Laurel, Maryland

Kerry Ayazi, Esq. ~ Los Angeles, CA