“Ryan assumes nothing. He’s written this book for anyone, no matter how bad your situation is, he’s provided a road-map out of a bad situation. Ryan has included people in this book – in their own words – who have made successes out of their life from the biggest messes you can imagine. Most of us don’t have to get out from under a combination of a felony conviction and jail time and near-starvation and foreclosure. If the people in this book can lift themselves out of their circumstances, then the rest of us can get ourselves out of bad credit, spending more than we earn, not having the right education and a myriad of other problems. Ryan makes the things regular folks lose sleep about seem very manageable.”

Ali Velshi, CNN Anchor & Chief Business Correspondent

“Ryan shows passion, vision and faith with sound, practical advice to help you get on the road to prosperity. A wise investment of your time, this book makes it easy to see how you, too, can become destined for success in life. No matter what your current situation may be. A wonderful book from a good citizen of the world, my colleague, Mr. Ryan Mack.”

Doug Flynn, CFP®, ChFC, Financial Media Commentator and Founder of Flynn Zito Capital Management, LLC.

“Ryan Mack’s work is a wonderfully positive voice in the midst of today’s gloom. It is a reassertion of the possibility of the American dream, which so many have stopped believing. Not only is this exceptionally talented person imparting critical life lessons to those in need but also setting an example for all of us to start believing again in what has made this country great.”

Stephen Leeb, PhD , Chairman of Leeb Capital Management, and Author of the Bestseller “The Oil Factor”

Ryan Mack makes what can be a pretty scary subject – getting your financial house in order – attainable and understandable. I trust him, his instincts and his experience with money. You should too. This book will make you more confident in your future, by giving you the tools to make the smart decisions you need. Ryan Mack has often told me that your financial future is not something that just happens to you. You have to make it happen. This book does that. Bravo, Ryan, for making our village a little smarter.

Christine Romans, CNN’s Your $$$$$ and author, Smart is the New Rich

“Ryan Mack gets it…true economic empowerment for all of America is more than just knowledge of stocks and bonds. It is about how we think, our faith in a brighter tomorrow, and how we treat each other. This book is just what this country needs to move forward.”

Willie Horton, Major League Baseball Legend and Detroit Tiger Great

Lots of financial journalists and experts preach the gospel of financial literacy from ivory towers, distant corporate perches and lofty media mountaintops. Ryan Mack does that and much more, going down into the valleys of our communities and neighborhoods to do the hard work of ministry to the people who need it most. Living in the Village: Build Your Financial Future and Strengthen Your Community is yet another manifestation of Mack’s passion and considerable expertise in pursuit of his mission. Yes, you may know him from Black Enterprise, CNBC and CNN. But the real Ryan Mack is found within the pages of this book and in the communities he serves. Reading this book will not only help you—it will indeed uplift our entire village. Buy at least two; give the second copy to someone you know desperately needs what Mack is offering: a path to hope, and freedom.

Alfred A. Edmond Jr., Sr. Vice President, Black Enterprise

In “Living in the Village,” Ryan Mack offers the common sense road map that Americans need today in order to get their finances in order. This is not about ourselves, but being in position to create and pass on wealth to our children, or help others philanthropically. If we don’t heed Ryan’s advice now, then we will have no future.

Roland Martin, Host of “Washington Watch with Roland Martin”, CNN Political Analyst, The Tom Joyner Morning Show Senior Analyst

“Against a backdrop of blame—blame the banks, the home owners, the credit card companies, the government—Ryan Mack has written a practical and inspirational book that shows individuals—in all different economic circumstances—how to take control of their finances.

It is sophisticated, and yet highly accessible and useful. No matter how much you know, it can help you; and no matter how limited your financial literacy, it is relevant. Read it to be both informed and inspired.”

Christie Hefner, TV commentator and former Chairman, CEO, of Playboy Enterprises

Living in the Village is a practical resource to achieving financial success. With energy and true passion, Mack provides the tools to help you navigate your way out of debt, and to build your own personal financial wealth in a way that can benefit you and your community. The book not only helps readers become financially literate it empowers them – providing them with the ability to make proactive decisions rather than employing the knee-jerk reaction.

Operation HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant, the business bestselling author of LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World and appointee to The President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability