Damon Jenkins

Former Gang Member

Damon C. Jenkins is a young entrepreneur, who has experienced a lot of tumultuous situations and events in his life that could have deterred him from excelling from negative to positive. With no other opportunities being offered in the community at the tender age of 14, Damon was initiated into a notorious street gang. He says he joined the gang looking for communal support. Damon is also no stranger, to hard times growing up underprivileged in the New York City Housing Projects in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn. He found solace in being associated with the traditions of gang banging, where you are taught to “Make it do what it do!” This translates into doing any and everything to ensure that you personally come out victorious, while living from day to day. As a direct result of his gang affiliation, Damon’s life took a deadly plunge into selling drugs, grand larceny and assault. These offensives would eventually lead him into the penal system where he served some time in jail. While incarcerated, Damon used his time wisely to begin transforming himself through prayer and perseverance; anything is possible with GOD. He finally realized when he was released and placed on probationary monitoring, that if he continued on the same path he would certainly end up back in jail or a graveyard.

Damon’s Transformation:

He began to regularly attending various Baptist churches, where he linked up with Pastor Billips who oversees a congregation called Power up Faith Fellowship in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Pastor Billips along with his wife, Karen, spearheaded a program geared towards halting street violence between the Bloods & Crips. Damon later met and joined the outstanding, multi-talented team lead by the “Visionary” mentor of all Mentors, the knowledgeable and ambitious, Ryan Mack, owner of Optimum Capital Management, where he learned financial literacy.

Damon is presently touring in Manhattan and Brooklyn Housing Community Centers giving inspirational speeches to youths, reiterating that they do have positive alternatives.

The tour is being sponsored by Carver Community Development Corporation. An influential mentor who also helped to steer Damon in the right direction was Kevin Powell, author of The Black Male Handbook. Damon has been featured on the following media venues: CNN and Street Soldiers, hosted by Lisa Evers of HOT 97 & Fox 5 News. Damon attended classes at the Berk Trade School where he graduated at the top of his class and received certification in electrical repair & maintenance. 

He has an enthusiastic attitude coupled with a vivacious and infectious story to tell. In addition, he has a full proof blueprint road map plan, of which he feels if followed correctly could be uplifting and empowering. As a means of giving back to the community, Damon offers job training seminars and other useful opportunities within his construction company.

About TSD:

is a new innovative company, specializing in providing construction and renovation services. The company is family owned and operated, and intends to take the construction industry by storm through its knowledge, commitment, great work ethics, skills and dedication to diversified consumers. TSD’s primary focus is to treat all consumers as if they were family.