Carol Mack-Wells


Carol Mack-Wells, Mother of the author Ryan Mack taught her sons everything they know about financial literacy. Although bringing up her children with modest means, she was able to instill within them a sense of contentment to be happy where you are today, but ecstatic about the bright future of you will achieve tomorrow through hard work. Her section is placed after the budget section because she was able to stretch the dollar in the household to not only continue to put food on the table, but was able to move up the ladder of success to become the first African American Director of Admissions for the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Today, as she prepares for her retirement, she currently serves as the Vice Chancellor of Student Services for Wayne County Community College in Detroit, Michigan. A product of education herself, she continues to advocate for education for those throughout the inner city of Detroit, Michigan as a means of economic empowerment.