Ali Velshi, CNN Anchor and Chief Business Correspondent

Ali Velshi is CNN’s chief business correspondent and host of Your $$$$, CNN’s weekend business roundtable program, as well as a regular contributor and anchor for Issue #1…read more

Steve Loflin, The Non-Profit Owner

Steve Loflin is the CEO & founder of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS). Originally from South Carolina, Steve attended the University of South Carolina, receiving a B.S. in Business Administration Marketing…read more

Jullien Gordon, The Public Speaker

Jullien Gordon, The PurposeFinder, is a motivation teacher and the country’s leading voice on purpose, passion, and professional development for the millennial generation. At the age of 28, he already has 10 years of experience working with millennials as a CEO … read more

Edwin Reed, The Pastor

Edwin C. Reed (MBA ’79) spends Saturdays with his family, but on Sundays, you’ll always find him at the office. Reed is the CFO of the Allen African Methodist Episcopal Church in Jamaica, Queens …
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Damon C. Jenkins, The Former Gang Member

Damon C. Jenkins is a young entrepreneur, who has experienced a lot of tumultuous situations and events in his life that could have deterred him from excelling from negative to positive….read more

Carol Mack-Wells, The Single Mother

Carol Mack-Wells, Mother of the author Ryan Mack taught her sons everything they know about financial literacy. Although bringing up her children with modest means, she was able to instill…read more

Darnell Canada, The Construction Worker

Somehow in the middle of a recession, Darnell Canada, President of REBUILD, has been creating hundreds of jobs for those who are hardest to employ…
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Richard Mack, The Spouse

Richard Mack is married to Pamela Mack. Both are successful attorneys. They live in the city of Detroit, which is suffering from a severe depression while the rest of the country feels like it is in a recession…read more

Richard Mack, The Principal

Richard Mack’s life began modestly in Lexington, Kentucky as the second oldest of nine children. His family moved to Detroit, as did many other southern families to pursue opportunities in the auto industry…read more

Manyell Akinfe- The Corporate Professional

Manyell L. Akinfe wears many hats in the world of personal finance and economic empowerment. Whether she’s helping clients reach their financial goals by providing sound…read more

Ashanti Branch, The Teacher

Ashanti Branch, born and raised by a single mother on welfare in Oakland, California, took the road less traveled to get out of the ghetto and attend California Polytechnic – San Luis Obispo, one of California’s premier engineering colleges, to study Civil Engineering…
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Akil King, The Youth

Akil King is one of the star pupils of my youth financial literacy group, All About Business ( Through committed community service that began at a young age, he has created many financial literacy workshops for all ages teaching those principles that he worked hard to learn as a teen…)
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Amin Irving, The Real Estate Developer

Mr. Irving is the President of Ginosko Development Company and is responsible for the overall performance and operation of all divisions of the GDC family of companies…
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Andrew Morrison, The Entrepreneur

Andrew Morrison is the founder of Small Business Camp – an entrepreneurial training and marketing services firm. In February of 2007, he trained 1,200 entrepreneurs in Nigeria, West Africa…read more

Nakia Smith, The Community Activist

Nakia Smith, was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She’s a homeowner and entrepreneur. Her proudest accomplishment is being the mother of two boys …
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D’hani Jones, The Professional Athlete

Warrior and Bowtie Expert. Linebacker and Poet. Jock and Treehugger: Dhani Jones understands the extremes of life. An NFL player with the Cincinnati Bengals, Jones rides a bike to the stadium for practices & games…read more