Tell “Ray-Ray” to Get a Job!


Written By Ryan Mack, President of Optimum Capital Management, LLC Too many times in family communities across the country those who have become comparatively financially successful are unknowingly volunteered to become the “universal provider” within their family circle. I should stress the word “comparatively” because many times those who are MORE successful within a family are also having their own financial problems, but because they do not exhibit the same signs of struggle as other family members often they are viewed as “well off”. The universal provider is constantly hit with requests for these short-term loans that should never be called loans because somehow they are never repaid.  These pleas for assistance from family members in need, affectionately known as Ray-Ray sound something like this: . “I am a little short on rent this month…can I borrow $500 until I get my tax return?” (Which never comes.) . “I was laid off from work again…can I borrow $2000 until I can get back on my feet again?” . “I was evicted from my apartment…can I stay in your place rent free until I can find another place to live?” . I am NOT saying that people should not help others; however, it is time for us to speak candidly about how we are helping our close friends and family members. If you constantly find yourself in the role of the “universal provider” issuing “loans” that are never paid back then my argument is you are not helping anybody at all.  You are enabling their dependence upon you as opposed to helping them develop their own ability to sustain their economic well-bein

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