Ryan Mack Responds to “Open Letter to Dr. Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, and ALL Critical President Obama Supporters” Criticism


Written By Ryan Mack, Author of Living in the Village It seems that the article I wrote has caused a bit of a stir. I am not one to shy away from a debate, but the response I received was just too great for me to answer each person individually. On one site almost 2000 people recommended the article to their peers on Facebook not to mention the massive response I have received from other blogs. It seems as if the critiques of my newsletter have common themes and I want to take a brief moment to address them. Those who know me know that I love to debate! . POINT #1: I DO NOT oppose criticism of the President. It amazes me how many people not only failed to read the parts of the letter where I urged ALL to CONTINUE with their constructive criticism; I give a healthy portion of criticism to the President myself. Criticism of the President for me is not only tolerated and appreciated, but celebrated because this is a democracy and we are all entitled to express our opinions. Without these criticisms our elected officials would surely not be as productive or challenged to improve their performance on behalf of the people. On the other hand, I do feel that we can learn from the Tea Party all of whom have become masters of organizing and mobilizing their resources. They are the first ones to pull their candidates to the carpet by holding them accountable for their agenda and they criticize them harshly when their candidate steps out of bounds. However, they also do a great job of selecting another potential replacement candidate. Most importantly their support for a chosen candidate is just as intense as their criticism! They give praise for those things their candidates do well with the same (if not greater) intensity as their critiques when their candidates fall short of expectations. Our “intellectuals”, on the other hand, overlook any positive progress made while heading to the mountain top to shout out all criticisms with a bull horn.   . POINT #2: The first question I have with those who call themselves supporters is "How can you call yourself a supporter if you have nothing but negative things to say about the President?" If I can't find one positive thing to say about an elected official, I wouldn't vote for him much less call myself a supporter. . POINT #3: If you fit into the above category the major question that I have for you is, "Who is the candidate that you will support in 2012? Who will solve ALL of the shortcomings you have with President Obama?" Logic states that if you don't like the Democratic candidate enough to do anything but chastise him for his wrongdoings, there must be another candidate you are supporting who will best fulfill your agenda. On the other hand, if President Obama is your (our) best hope why are you providing Fox News with additional material to continue their slanderous campaign against our President? Critical supporters…show me your alternative candidate! . POINT #4: Lastly, for those supporters who realize that President Obama is just one man and will never make everyone happy...what are you doing to help the President? If you really care about the working poor and impoverished what are you doing to organize our community to create empowerment programming for all. I quite frankly am tired of having round table discussions that serve the purpose of pointing out problems that we already know exist and providing a platform for prominent members of the community to provide an enthusiastic audience with very snazzy soundbytes to get the crowd hyped for the moment. I am tired of the panel discussions which generate excitement only to discover that  I have a small bald spot forming where I continue to scratch my head upon leaving the forum as I wonder, "Now what was I supposed to do now?" We need less

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