"A wise investment
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this book makes it easy to see how you, too, can become destined for success in life."
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The Book
Living In the Village.
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Ryan C. Mack

Mr. Mack has a life mission to build and develop a durable financial empire geared towards educating his community and beyond. Ryan Mack graduated from the University of Michigan Business School (ranked number one in the country) with a concentration in Finance.

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Kimberly Collins
Houston, Texas
Texas At 8 months pregnant, we were able to get our house sold and move into a newly built home that we love! Oh…and I might add that my husband lost his job due to layoffs after we accepted the offer on our home, found a new job that paid more so that the approval process on our new home was never hindered and our baby is here!….our blessing on top of many blessings!.

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